The Mighty Mile

Post date: 15-May-2017 18:42:52

Last week Hawthorn did their school assembly on the mighty mile.

Across the UK, lots of children walk or run a mile a day while they're at school. Hawthorn class thought we could do this at Penmaes and showed us how.

First they did some measuring. Jasmine walked around the edge of the field, using the GPS on a phone to see how many laps she needed to do for a mile. She worked out that 1 mile is 4 laps around the edge of the field and the playground.

measuring mile (3).JPG

If you want to stay on the playground, Keeley and Alanna have worked out how

many laps you need to do to make a mile. They measured one full rotation of Johnny's wheelchair. Then they all went round the edge of the playground using his wheels to find out how far it was.

They found out that 1 mile is 16 laps of the playground.

grounds (4).JPG

Hawthorn have encouraged us all to take part in the Mighty Mile and some of us have begun to give it a go.