New School Website Launches

Post date: 21-Jan-2016 14:12:36

Today Penmaes switched over from our Weebly based website to a Google Sites based website.

The Weebly site was written and maintained by our very own Tom Jones and we are very grateful to him for all the time and energy he has put in on the site.

As is often the case with websites, creating all of the information that is presented to the world is a time consuming task for one person to do. Therefore, we'd like to introduce a team who will be responsible for bringing you news from across Penmaes. Su Pierce, Sarah John and Claire Bradford will be keeping you informed and you should check out the School News section of the site for their updates.

Along with the news team, we have a section under 'Important Information' that contains a link to the 'School Calendar'. Here you will be able to keep appraised of upcoming events, check out the Term Dates etc. If you make use of your own Google Calendar, you will even be able to add school events to your personal calendars so you won't miss out on anything.